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Freshers 16 at Taking Liberties

Thursday 8th September 2016

Freshers 2016 is around the corner and we at Taking Liberties are set for one of the biggest in a decade. We are starting off with a pre freshers week involving our ever present stalwart events; Mixtape Project, Go Nuts at Donuts and Sticky Feet.

Then to kick off on freshers Sunday with Sticky Sunday at The Warehouse, which in previous years has sold out in advance. Then our weekly brands get up and rolling with expected sell outs all throughout freshers. From Septemeber to December we will be running; ReWind Mondays at Wire, Mixtape Project at Hifi every Tueasday, Go Nuts at Donuts every Thursday at The Faversham and finally celebrating half a decade of events Sticky Feet Fridays at The Warehouse.

We are also doing a few special one offs. A two part "Back to the old skool" theme on two Wednesdays at the O2 Academy, with part 1 featuring S CLUB on Weds 21st Sept and part 2 to feature a just as iconic 90's band(TBA). 

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